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Case History IBM94-915
Sales of a hybrid computer line increased 20% when ad program was overhauled, using proven direct response techniques.
Case History MCI92-330
A five-way test of a telecommunications product yielded valuable data about marketplace attitudes toward long distance plans.
Case History RBL94-601
Test campaign for collectibles sold out $1 million inventory while identifying major obstacles in target market segments.
Case History PEP85-428
Placing vending machines in small businesses used two-way test of direct mail & telemarketing to identify key industries.

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Welcome to The Marketing Machine®

We are about strategic direct marketing…including advertising on purpose that evokes a planned response from a specific audience.

If you've arrived at our site, it's probably because you have questions or marketing problems to be solved. We also assume that you would like to achieve a greater degree of predictability to the outcome of your marketing and advertising activities.

Predictability translates into attracting "profitable" customers or clients at a consistent rate.

We should warn you that this is not a "feel good" advertising pitch for creative or entertaining commercials. It's about accountability in advertising. It's also about planning and discipline in the marketing process.

We are committed to the concept of knowing where you want to go before you set off on your advertising journey.

There's a lot of information on this site. If you're looking for a particular topic, it may be faster for you to go directly to our sitemap.